Melody Loveless

Musician, multimedia artist, educator, and performer. Sometimes sings and codes at the same time. Uses Sonic Pi and Max/MSP/Jitter often but is always trying something new.

Cameron Alexander

Artist and programmer obsessed with visualizing what you see when you close your eyes.

Zach Krall

Brooklyn based artist, waiting to be uploaded to the cloud.

Ronan Rice

Harlem-based semiconductor engineer. Lives for music, art and racing.


He makes music under the moniker Reckoner and performs as a part of the live act Reckoner+=Matthew featuring live coded music and visuals.

Nick Montfort

Language- and poetry-focused creative computing, often in the context of particular platforms, sometimes in the demoscene and live.

Char Stiles

Computational artist, livecoding shaders & giving workshops. Thinking about email.

Kate Sicchio

Live coding choreography and dance through all means possible. One of the sound artists in Codie. Teaches a lot of Sonic Pi.

Shawn Lawson (Obi Wan Codenobi)

Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

Chirag Davé

Real into cults.

Aarón Montoya-Moraga

MIDI, Eurorack, ChucK, Pure Data, Max.

Ramsey Nasser

Nerds out over video games and experimental programming languages, and teaches people to do the same at schools around the city.

Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo

Brooklyn-based artist and programmer. Looking for the answer to What if Malevich, Lichtenstein, and Martin had a baby and this baby learned to code? Graphix with Codie.

David Stein

Also known as the live coder Colonel Panix. Currently developing libraries and tools to make algorithmic performance more human.

Maxwell Neely-Cohen

Writer who procrastinates by experimenting with technology

Andrew Cotter

Makes interactive installations, video games, and teaches creative coding to grad students.

Ulysses Popple

Former actor, active coder. Loves live performance of all kinds and makes visual art by programming.

Leo Foletto

Sound designer, audio programmer, multimedia artist. Making music with Csound and Haskell.

Jessica Garson

Brooklyn based artist, musician, educator and programmer. Known sometimes as Messica Arson.

John Pasquarello

Makes vis from vids. Arcane processes ensue.

Omar Delarosa

A curious nerd in the process of exploring the overlap between computer science and music.



Trio based in Brooklyn and Virginia. Abstract art, abstract sounds, accumulation. We made a film once.


Nostalgic visuals from a past that probably never actually existed.

Messica Arson

Messica Arson creates noise inspired beats with live sampled screams.

nom de nom

Two Commodore 64s, a video switch, and some BASIC programming can bring visual poetry alive.


Reckoner+=Matthew is a live performance project exploring interplay between analog and digital improvisation using synthesizers and live coding to create beat music that rests on top of waveforms, probabilities and loop conditions. Reckoner is Sumanth Srinivasan. Matthew is Matthew Kaney.