Night of the Living Code II: Vampire Bytes • Wonderville, 1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 @ 7:00 PM

Night of the Living Code II: Vampire Bytes

LiveCodeNYC Presents… Night of the Living Code II: Vampire Bytes! 🧛‍♀️

Saturday, October 21st, Wonderville and LiveCodeNYC come together again for a night of chills and thrills as performers spellbind you with their live coded audio and visual creations. You’ll see apparitions in the pixels 👻, hear the moans of zombies crackle in the audio 🧟, and, since it’s live, most likely a few “bugs” that will make your skin crawl 🐛

Doors open at 7pm, join us if you dare! 21+ to enter, Masks Required

Dancing 🎵, Halloween vibes 🎃, and performances by:

Varsity Star ( (opens new window)

Marzipan (@negaverse_buffet) (opens new window)

Azhad Syed (@azhadsyed) (opens new window)

MrSynAckster (@mrsynackster) (opens new window)

Dog Collar (@dogxcollar) (opens new window)

Xenon Chameleon (@xenon_chameleon) (opens new window)

VampireExec (@vampireexec) (opens new window)

Cougars Are Cats Too (@katarina_hoeger_art) (opens new window)

kastakila (@kasta_kila) (opens new window)

Missy (@missy222222222) (opens new window)

Night Shining (@_nightshining) (opens new window)

naltroc (@naltroc) (opens new window)

genesis rogue (@supernaturalbxh) (opens new window)

f00f ( (opens new window)