Cyberpunk Sundaze • wonderville

Friday, Oct 8, 2021 @ 8:00 PM


The year is 202X. Cyber Monday has ravaged Earth. Corporate algorithms have diminished humanity's sense of free will. Mark Zuckerberg is still smoking meat. All that remains is a ragtag group of 14 performers harnessing the very same tools used for surveillance capitalism to instead unleash audio visual experiences that ring true in their hearts.

Cyberpunk Sundaze is a celebration of gloom & doom aesthetics, the meaning of friendship, and the power of dance or something!

Music & Vis

zzwalsbyi & Islands of Stability Colonel Panix & Edgardo nitchafame & kengchakaj Naltroc & CasualSalad & Indira Natalie & Phoebe Doc Mofo & LeHank