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Magnet at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering 2 Metrotech, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, Brooklyn, New York

LiveCode.NYC and Music Community Lab (Monthly Music Hackathon NYC) present a day exploring the intersection of live code, music/sonic art, visuals, and beyond.

Featuring talks and workshops from artists and creators of live code performance tools, as well as open time for discussion, hacking, collaboration, serendipity, and performance.

1031 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Messica Arson + Elson
Scorpion Mouse + Georgio Nicolas
natalie[dot]computer + Johnlp.xyz
ColonelPanix + nom de nom
Paul Pham + s4y

Doors at 7, coders on at 8.

$10 Cover

1031 Grand Street, Brooklyn

2050 Music + Ulysses Popple
Messica Arson + Pixel Walter
Colonel Panix + EmptyFlash
Ioxi + Zach Krall
Paul Pham + s4y

$10 Cover

Scorpion Mouse,
Melody Loveless + johnlp.xyz,
Colonel Panic + emptyflash,
Sylvan Zheng + Zach Krall,
ayayay + Ulysses Popple

Cover is $10. Music starts at 8.


Sun May 27 08:00 PM

Messica Arson,
Jason Levine,
May Cheung + Sarah GHP,
Colonel Panix + Obi_Wan Codenobi,
Andrew Cotter + Obi_Wan Codenobi,

Cover is $10. Music starts at 8.